How to Win At Film Festivals & Make Money at it

Imagine winning the oscars (no I mean really, take a pause and imagine it)….And the Oscar goes toooo….Alright stop Imagining. Lets talk about what it takes to get there, (OK Inot really the oscars, if in fact I knew how to, you won’t be reading this). However, I wish to bring on a journey that I have completed a few times, How to Win  Film Festivals & Make Money at it. On my Vlog today, I outline the Key things to look out for before applying to a film festival and what you can do to make your movie stand out. This year has been my most successful at making films and I haven’t even done a feature yet, with about over 8 awards and even more, I can say I reached my goal this year award wise. Now to get to the real thing-(For introduction sakes) You already probably figured my name is Victor Okoye (Victor O’Frank) and I make movies for a living, plus you are about to see me in the video blog that follows this article.


  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT FESTIVAL ; This is perhaps the most important of all, there’s no point fixing a round peg in a square hole, If you make comedy short or features, find festivals that accept those and send it there otherwise you’d be spending a ton of money for no reason. sites like,, offer great services with showing you the right festival
  • TARGET ; Don’t just throw your net in the water and expect to0 catch a lot of fishes, this might be the right time to tell this short story – So a hunter once invited his friend on a hunting trip and the friend insisted that he would love to shoot at games too. The hunter handed him a dane gun, and when they got to the location, they waited a bit and once it was time, the birds came flying in, there were so many of them that they covered the sky and as the hunter shot his bit, his friend did the same, after the session, Friend asked the hunter, how many did you catch, Hunter said 18, Hunter returned the question and friend said none. on their way home friend asked hunter, how come I couldn’t catch any, there were so many birds it was impossible to miss – Hunter replied, You simply did not aim.  Likewise, if you must make a film that you intend to do well at festivals. AIM– Choose ONE Film festival, craft your film to fit perfectly, design it to fit to what you you feel they really want to see. Then send the same film to other ones after the first is done, you stand a chance of bagging many awards with one film, (Talk about killing six birds with one stone)
  • RESEARCH ; Look at the winning film from the contest or festival. This will enable you to know what kind of films they love
  • SUBMIT ; I’ve heard people say to themselves, Oh, I don’t think my film is good enough, I’ll be wasting my money, here’s some news buddy, “The Bird who dares to fall, is the bird who learns to fly”

I’ll rest my case here, you can watch the rest of the Vlog here

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