Victor O’Frank: Leaving Medicine For Filmmaking

Victor O'Frank
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At first glance, you wouldn’t think much of him, when we first had lunch at  Star bucks, he spoke so much about filmmaking that I would never have thought he did anything else. Victor Okoye Frank or Victor O’Frank as I call him is an actual Medical doctor who voluntarily quit the noble profession for filmmaking or as he puts it, He is still doctor just not in the hospital. 


I had a sit down interview with him, to extract his motivation or perhaps craze that led him into a different career path and honestly , I couldn’t agree more. Please enjoy.

You know when you really have a knack for something , it just drives you.

Q: So how did you end up here?

A: Honestly, I have no idea, I know somehow my medical school experience played a part but I doubt if thats all of it. I always had a thing for art and design, I never really saw myself  as an artist, I learnt how to use photoshop, operate a camera, edit, and all that, because it was fun.

Q: All by yourself?, did you go to school for that?

A: Not at all, You know when you really have a knack for something , it just drives you. (laughs) you know, I have an app on app store… Self taught too and…

Q: You designed it yourself?

A: Well yes, I was curious to see how the tech world thrives. So I took it upon myself to learn iOS development, I designed an app  for my girlfriend , something we could chat with since she left New York, it’s not on the store, but I also picked up game design as well, I do have a game on the store called Zainab.

Q: Thats interesting, so would you call yourself a developer ?

A: So by virtue of having a certificate, No.  as a hobbyist Yes, I don’t take jobs on that.

Q: So you mentioned that, you didn’t quit medicine.

A: Oh yes, I’m still very much a doctor.

Victor O’Frank on set

Q: Can you explain that?

A: What I do now as a film maker is just touching the part of medical field , doctors don’t venture into. Here’s how I see it. Medicine as a whole aims at providing panacea for body ailments, in other words, it’s sole aim to cure illnesses that pertain to the body, with an exception to few aspects of the field, like Psychotherapy. I’m of the opinion, without  devaluing what my colleagues do within the hospital setting, that if a man’s mind can be changed, if by a slight of a chance, you could condition his thinking, You would have saved him many trips to the hospital. You may not know this but the signal that your body receives on pain and all other forms of body harm comes off the brain (which is where the mind seats) and often times people get sick because of the condition of their thought not necessarily because of an evident external factor.

Q: So how do you relay that with films?

A: Art has a power that is sometimes underestimated, that power lies in story telling, and there are only vey few art forms that compare to visual story telling. If you take my film for eg. Purpose or Lesley, I’ve had people tell me how it got them off their “Slum days”. A woman once had her son watch it, to get him to do better in school.. I’m not sure what the results were but to have had someone think of that piece of art as a panacea to a  problem is the beauty of it. My primary focus is to tell stories that get people to think. I try to craft my stories around life’s experiences and delivered in such a way that by merely watching it, you leave the room with an experience that changes something in you, something that when applied in your daily life can bring you physical positive result.

Q: That’s pretty interesting, So why did you choose New York?

A: Well, it’s the world’s hub for entertainment, I’ve been told countless times , I’d love LA, I still think I won’t, I know I’m pre-judging but I’d rather not see for myself.

Q: And whats your next step now?

A: I’m currently writing my first feature, I’ve done a number of shorts and received some accolade, I think it’s time to move to the big screen.

Q: What is the title?

A: Jidenna

Q: I’m curious to see what it;s about.

A: Well, I;m still pre-producing. Principle photography should commence in few months, but it’s all I’m focusing on at the time

Q: Sure I can’t wait to see, Thanks for coming by O’Frank

A: It’s a pleasure


Watch his award winning film here

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