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ShortPole London International Film Festival is an online based film festival, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

The festival runs in 4 quarters, selections being made every 3 months.

The entry deadline for our next selection will be December 31st and the winners will be announced by the end of January 2016.

There will be 20 categories and Best Film will be awarded 250 £in cash, The ShortPole London Trophy and a Professional Review from our jury board.


You are entitled to a maximum amount of two entries during a festival quarter (3 months) and the entry will be considered eligible in the next quarter only if the film was not awarded in the previous edition. The £250 prize comes only with the Best Film Award and the winner won’t be able to show off their beautiful film in our next 3 festival quarters.

Keep in mind that we can only accept short films. Meaning that the up 35 minutes length of any genre and format is allowed.
To make it easy for the worldwide submissions, we set the regular entry fee at only $9.99.

Every movie must have been released during or after 2012 and must come with English subtitles (with an exception for music videos and movies where English is the main language spoken). Any genre and format is accepted (from 1 minute films to long, narrative/artistic short films).

In order to consider an Award Category elegible, we require an amount of minimum 5 official selections per category.


All genres and formats are considered to be eligible for a nomination or to win one or more of these categories.

Great quality is a standard. Films with a poor production standard (lack of sound quality, absence of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution less than 720p HD) will not be accepted.

The winners of each category will get our official printable AWARD CERTIFICATE.

The ‘BEST FILM’ Winner will be awarded with our LONDON SHORTPOLE IFF TROPHY along with the £250 prize in cash and a Professional Review from our Jury Board.

The ‘BEST FILM’ Winner will have 30 days from the announcement day to claim their £250 prize. If we won’t receive a feedback within the timeframe, the prize will be revoked.
The final race for the ‘BEST FILM’ Award will consist in 6 Nominations, while the ‘Category’/’Individual’ awards will have 3 nominations per category.

The AUDIENCE AWARD will be decided entirely by the public as the film with the highest amount of online votes will be announced as the winner. We set a timeframe for the current quarter and the voting platform will become available within 15-25 January 2016.
When submitting a film, we require the film to be embedded on our online platform, so keep in mind that it must be provided in order to be eligible for an official selection.


By submitting your film to our festival you agree that your piece of work can be embeded on our website. The filmmaker/institution that is submitting the film must own the rights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. By submitting, the filmmaker allows London ShortPole IFF to create a page for their film without infringing copyright of any kind of form.
If your film won’t get an Official Selection, the entry fee won’t be refunded.

The Process:
If your film will be officialy selected in our festival, it will be uploaded/embeded on our website for everyone to see. Winning films will be highlighted and promoted within the platform.

On 30th of January 2016, London ShortPole will announce the nominations for every award. Winners will be chosen within the very next day and the ‘BEST FILM’ will be awarded with £250 and a full package of benefits!
Winners, nominees and unsuccessful films can be deleted from the website in the next festival competition quarter if the owner decides to proceed with this option.

Filmmakers are allowed to use London ShortPole IFF laurels on their winning/nominated/selected films ONLY. They can be used on posters as well as on other media available. The OFFICIAL SELECTION transparent laurel can be found below (click for full image). Other laurels can be provided upon request.

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