State Of The Nation- Short Film

It is not many times that a movie grips you and makes you think about your nation but  In the spirit of Nigeria’s 56th Independence day, Award winning director Victor Okoye (O’Frank), releases an eye opening short film about the current state of the nation. Featuring Remy Olamide Flanders and Cherice Merie, This film speaks the mind of every Nigerian in Diaspora. It details our fears and the need for a change of state of mind in every Nigerian.

Director’s Note

“I woke up one morning in distress, Filled with so much anger and rage and what I could only describe as tears and pity for a place I once called home, I couldn’t help but pen down this piece, This is a piece of mind, coming straight from the heart of yet another Nigerian  who just wants to have a place to call a home”

Shot in New York City

Directed,Written by Victor O’Frank

Featuring- Remy Olamide Flanders & Cherice Merie.

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