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Fujinon 1.4/25mm HF25HA-1B

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I’ll try to keep this short but it’s a story worth telling. I have in collection quite a number of lenses , including the rokinon 85mm and sigma 24-70 but when it comes to my lense of choice with my Black magic pocket cinema camera, I go with the Fujinon. I’ll explain why ina bit. But lets take a moment and analyze the good sides

  • Its cheap (the cheapest lens i have ever bought) Under $120
  • It’s got a good glass to it
  • It’s Strong (mine has fallen tons of time and yet to have any single break)
  • It works with BMCC (Don’t judge me, Its my fav cam)

Well on the downside

  • it’s too small
  • the focus is somewhat weirdly placed
  • it doesn’t work on all camera
  • you need a c mount adapter to use it (cost about $20)
  • You can only use DIY ND filter for it (I haven’t seen any Filter yet )

But honestly, for the price at which this lens goes for, I’m sure it;s a great deal for any indy film maker. Here is a clip i short solely on this lens and color corrected in Davinci resolve

My Way Dance Contest from Victor O’Frank on Vimeo.


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