DIY ND Filter for Phantom 3 Standard & Fujinon Lense

DIY ND Filter for phantom 3 standard
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I recently bought my phantom 3 standard from B&H Photos While I was on a trip to NY and Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I was lost in the excitement of having to fly my very own drone for the first time, but shortly after  I purchased it  and started my studies on it, I found out it had some lay backs, which of course

DIY ND Filter for phantom 3 standard

DIY ND Filter for phantom 3 standard

could have been prevented if  I Bought the advanced version or pro version. One of the Con’s was the lack of ND filter ( On the Pro and Advanced version, There is a socket to fix ND Filters) . And Living in Nigeria , where it is hard to buy such items I resorted to making one myself. Anyways, Here are the few Advantages to using an ND Filter on The Phantom 3

  • You can shoot a shutter speed of about 50 as against the ridiculous 800 or 100 that makes object in motion lack motion blur
  • General footage comes out cool and honestly I love the colors That it gives

So Lets get to Making Our very first ND filter. below are the items you will need

  • A sun shade (I purchased one from Wuse Market Abuja, at about N200 and asked the seller to help me cut it)
  • Having said that, You need a precised measurement for the lense you are about to cover, In my case I figured that the little paper that Dji uses to cover the phantom fits the diameter, so I used as a reference
  • Next you will need some cello-tape (Transparent)
  •  and a cutting tool if you don’t successfully get the seller to cut for you

In my case, I requested for a transparent glass and then asked him to dye it to the stop that I wanted it, In that way , I didn’t just go for a total sunshade , so You might just do the same


  • Cut the Glass to the exact diameter of the little paper that comes with Dji Phantom
  • Prepare you dye (Please look on youtube for the process)
  • Immerse your glass (if you bought the transparent ) into the dye and then wait
  • Dry your glass and you are all set


  • Place the Glass over the lense and be careful not to stain it
  • carefully place the cello tape over the edge where it won’t show in your footage and strap tight to avoid it falling off in flight
  • You are done

Same ND Filter can be used on Fujinon 25mm Lense for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

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